Year 2016
Authors Chen, Ke-Horng ,Shin-Hao Chen, Tzu-Chi Huang, Shao Siang Ng, Kuei-Liang Lin, Ming-Jhe Du, Yu-Chai Kang, Ke-Horng Chen, Chin-Long Wey, Ying-Hsi Lin, Chao-Cheng Lee, Jian-Ru Lin, Tsung-Yen Tsai
Paper Title A Direct AC–DC and DC–DC Cross-Source Energy Harvesting Circuit with Analog Iterating-Based MPPT Technique with 72.5% Conversion Efficiency and 94.6% Tracking Efficiency
Journal Title IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
Vol.No Vol. 31
Issue.No Issue 8
Page(s) 5885-5899
Language English