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Curriculum Synosis

Multimedia Signal Processing
Signal processing represents the processing technologies for both signal itself and information hidden in signals. With the advancement of networking, communications, and 4C industries, signal processing will be closely related to our human daily life. 

Mobile Communications
The target is to research on all types of communications including wireless, wired, fiber optical, underwater, underground, and satellite systems. We will also investigate different kinds of storage and recording systems including stereo, CD, DRAM, Flash, magnetic, disk array. The following topics will be included:
1. Channel characteristics
2. Performance limitations
3. Transmission and receiving structures
4. Signal structure
5. Resource allocations
6. Related signal processing
7. Cross-layer design between PHY and upper layers  
Microwave and Antennas
Withe the adoption of electromagnetic theory, quantum mechanics are pervasively applied in various engineering fields, e.g., military radars, satellite communications, mobile communications, and optical systems.
Information and Communications
Pervasive networking and communications facilitate the ease of our daily lives, which also bring up the problems of information security. With comprehensive introductions on communication and networking technologies, this program will cultivate students to become networking experts from both theoretical and implementational aspects.